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Download Binaries/Libraries/Sources of SPASS for your platform right now!

The SPASS binary/source distributions consists of a SPASS/FLOTTER binary, documentation, a small example collection and the tools dfg2otter, dfg2tptp, tptp2dfg, and the ASCII pretty printer dfg2ascii.

For additional, partly huge example collections, consider the problem libraries. For easy compilation of the sources, the GNU gcc compiler should be available. For all categories, download and unpack the gziped tar files and follow the instructions in the contained README files.

The Windows 2000/XP as well as the MAC distribution is a self extracting archive that automatically starts an install shield. Starting from version 3.5 we move from Qt to a Java set up for the GUI.

SPASS 3.5 Binaries

CD-ROM Image 3.5

Problem Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions 3.5

SPASS 3.7 Sources

Changes compared to version 3.0

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